Smart Report Writer

Demand background

Business trend

Due to business or management requirements, it is necessary to repeatedly issue a large number of reports with a basically fixed format for each object

The report needs to be changed every time for the specific content of the object to meet the actual situation of the object

Education Industry01

Financial Sector02

Medical Beauty03

Schools, education and training institutions, etc. automatically generate test papers, transcripts, student evaluation reports, and teaching work reports based on student performance and teaching work reports...

The overall business management and report document generation of income reports, liquidation reports, trust management, use and liquidation reports, insurance proposals, insurance applications, etc. generated by trust companies, securities companies, insurance companies, etc...

Hospitals, medical institutions, beauty salons and other business-generated medical records, diagnostic reports, laboratory reports, physical examination reports, and medical supplies cost reports are automatically generated...


Demand background

Business pain points

Manual preparation of reports

  • Efficiency and Risk Issues
  • Manually Adjust and Modify

High Cost

  • A large number of reports, consume a lot of equipment and paper
  • Manual acquisition, low efficiency of statistical data, high time cost

Questions about Data Accuracy

  • Manual collection and statistical data are prone to errors
  • There may be mistakes in the data transfer process
  • The report form may be sent wrongly, and the risk of data leakage

Difficult to prepare report

  • Difficult to design report style and format
  • Formatting is easy to be confused
  • Filling in data is tedious and error-prone

Full-cycle management of report forms

Data Sources

Data Transfer

Generate Report

Report Sending

Collect raw data

Value background transfer

Automatically generate final report

Publish output

Report data comes from business system

Can be exported from the business system

Data results can be directly uploaded to the system in excel format, automatically converted into structured data or imported through a database, such as: MYSQL/MS-SQL/Oracle, etc.

Select the data sheet to apply the template to automatically generate the report, support preview, one-click batch generation and other functions

After the report is generated, it can be proofread and released after review;

Reports can be merged and integrated with emails, one-click email sending, batch sending, etc.



Report sample

  • A variety of automatically generated report samples: test reports, transcripts, statements, etc.
  • Support batch generation, proofreading, review release, report encryption, etc.
  • Support multiple language versions: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English...
Report Sending

Email Integration

Report completed
Report management

Report query
Report preview
Report ledger



Set up email template
Email template management

Custom template
Template maintenance
Template ledger






Select the report to be sent
Free choice report

Select All






Batch send
One-click send

Automatically match recipient emails






Solution Value

Automatic email sending

Linkage between data and report description

The report is automatically generated based on the data
Modify the data, and the report will be adjusted accordingly


Only need to pay attention to special circumstances to reduce human error and workload

Improve efficiency and competitiveness

Break through the artificial bottleneck and realize the standardized generation of large-scale reports

Improve quality and reduce costs

Reduce the cost of a single report and improve the quality of a single report

Report is sent automatically

Report generation and sending are seamlessly connected, saving transit costs

Email real-time tracking

Real-time perception of email delivery status to improve customer service quality