About Landray

Landray Growth Software (Hong Kong) Ltd was founded in 2013, as the oversea development bureau of Landray Software (Shenzhen), aiming to become the leading vendor in collaboration working market, digitalize transformation market and the pioneer of knowledge management in Chinese market. Landray has become the strategic partner of Alibaba Group in collaboration market. We provide multiple solutions for Work from Home during pandemic or other case, Collaboration across internal and external organizations, Knowledge Management System for proactive learning organizations and Medical Centre for medication facilities.

Our major products, the collaboration working platform and its mobile access portal can support various business operations in transparent, collaborative & intelligent mode, and leads our clients to evolving knowledge-based ecosphere. Having served various successful industrial leaders for over 20 years, Landray has accumulated over 30% of PRC top 500 enterprises as our valuable clients. As in the oversea market, we have clients covering Health Care, Laboratory, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies, Financial Institutions, Property Developers, Service Retail businesses and Manufacturing sectors in regions of Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada, Macau, etc.


Our Legend

Landray Roadmap 2001-2022


  • Landray CMMI-5
    Landray CMMI-5
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    Landray ISO9001
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    Landray ISO14001
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Digital transformation for enterprises



Experience in collaborative working and knowledge management



Across the world



Develop advance collaboration platform and applications


Use Cases

Cover 50+ industries



Covers top 500 enterprises in PRC


Client Says

  • Miss Gao

    Food Industry

    Embedded Landray collaboration system along with DingTalk, enable headquarters, subsidiaries and frontline shops with 200% faster approval capability and increase with 75% of visits.

  • Mr. Song

    Agriculture Industry

    This intelligence collaboration system enables more than 10000 users with mobile access, financial controls, online approval as well as knowledge management capabilities. With the help of this system, Wintrue successfully started digital transformation and on the way to build up a complete digitalize organization.

  • Mr. Zhao

    Electric Firm

    Our whole corporation use this collaboration to exchange data and synchronize message, which empower the sharing information and files across multiple departments, and also enhance its operation.

  • Mr. Zhu

    Banking Industry

    We have more than 50 subsidiaries which are using Landray collaboration platform, that allows all users from different locations, different departments to communicate in one place. With pre-build applications and templates, non-IT specialists can quickly adapt and get used to it.

  • Mr. Wu

    Real Estate Industry

    In a large real estate corporation organization, by using SSO, all users can access information from over 10 internal systems within just one application. Such unified management tool is useful especially in large corporations where data exchange and approval processes are strongly required.

  • Mr. Han

    A Conglomerate Organization

    Using mobile collaboration applications to combine all existing construction systems, project management systems, customer relationship systems into one mobile platforms. This platform helps everyone to enhance processing as well as improving communication.


X-features Help You Run the Business on Your Way

Enterprise-Level Designated App

Providing designated app to enable corporate to handle their activities over the enclosed environment of a corporate portal via cloud or on premises setup under enterprise grade security

Files & information Management

EKP enterprise level file management function ensures documents, knowledge and information can be retrieved or called for use effortlessly whenever it is needed

Workflow Management

Sophisticated workflow engine allows to design & setup various complicated and demanding workflows, which ensures the right works handover to the right position and executes efficiently

Collaborative Operation

Enables all works to visualize, automatically collaborate and streamline the processes. It helps your teams to concentrate on working together to achieve faster and getting results more efficiently

Business Activities Management (BAM)

Sophisticated servicing project management module where supports PDCA cycle, WBS, job task allocation, dependency setup, scheduling, documents & deliverables, time sheet, and progress report. BAM emphasis tracking, alert, standardization

Attendance & Time Sheet

App features attendance and time sheet reporting functions. All information and progress can update and sync to the HR systems through APIs. This further enables the mobility of the work force including those who may be working at home

Contract Management

Commercial agreement full cycle management for on-line editing, approval, e-signature, and achieve. Post contract signed-off processing includes terms alert, execution, settlement and possible litigation case follow up

Corporate In-house Instant Messenger

Corporate level IM platform allows all staff to communicate with each other in a designated corporate platform, to ensure timely and efficient communication within the corporate security environment

Third Party Integration Bus (TIB)

TIB, the connectivity enable diverse applications interacts (SOAP, JDBC, TCP/HTTP) and exchange data (XML/Jason) with others applications in a flexible, dynamic, extensible infrastructure. Also supports routing, transforming, filtering, monitoring, distribution

Application Module Design Engine

To provide modeling tools for application development, module management, source code SVN, flow & form designer, interface designer with LESS SQL programming technique and Java programming technique required