ACCESO Remote Work-Point Solution

Home Office I.T. Solution

Collaborate in One Virtual Workspace From Anywhere

Allows to scale into a platform with everything need to run in your Enterprise!

A truly ultimate one-stop solution for remote collaboration. Use "ACCESO" powered by Landray EKP Office Automation (OA) Engines to get every teammate onboard.

Working efficiently from home office,  any mobile or remote work-point demands the best of tools. What you need is a holistic solution that offers a variety of services. Landray provides tools to facilitate team Instant Message (IM) communications, Task Management, Time Tracking, File Sharing, Meeting Management, Statistic Report and much more. Focusing on targeted products can get the work done well.

Landray offers more than just tools, but a powerful and intact support to empower organization.

  • Make asynchronous collaboration possible
  • Easy handling by fingertip, never miss a business moment
  • Built in Hong Kong with privacy-friendly technology

Task Management

Home Office I.T. Solution -- Task Management

Task Management

Build engagement & habit towards checking in with goals through task assignment and reporting. Leaders get a better understanding of what problems your teams are facing, while colleagues can see what others are up to.

Both you and your team will always be fully informed about projects. Move your company forward, by getting teams to make every work step clear, think of outcomes and the results of their work.

  • Professional for recurring team progress and status reporting
  • Unstick yourself from manual admin tasks

Meeting Management

Home Office I.T. Solution -- Meeting Management

Meeting Management

Do you always miss something after meeting? Get tired of tons of paper records? Driven crazy by all notify messages and emails?

The meeting management application manages the full life cycle of a meeting, from appointments, notifications, to meeting hosting and job assignment after meeting. All meeting events are automatically notified to every participant, along with pre meeting documents. Attandence checking and reporting features support the host to count. Integration with video conference applications is feasible via APIs. Post-meeting actions like information announcement, job assignment and document archive can be done within this applications, actions and data are synchronized to other applications.

  • Meeting life cycle management
  • Integrated with video conferencing vendors

Attendance Tracking

Home Office I.T. Solution -- Attendance Tracking

Attendance Tracking

Having trouble with attendance when work from home? Can’t track your subordinates’ working status?

  • Just one click to switch your online & offline working status
  • Focus on your work, not the clock
  • Have an accurate time log ready to pop onto an attendance record

Various Interface Options

Home Office I.T. Solution -- Various Styles of User Interfaces

Various Interface Options

  • Select the fonts, colors and templates to match with your working style.
  • Let you personalize Landray Home Office any way you'd like.
  • Change colors to suit your particular mood, and always have the right emoji on hand to express what you're feeling.

More Features

Instant Message

Keep your team in sync and your projects on schedule with internal online chats. You can easily create private & group chat, check read receipts, and synchronize seamlessly between devices. With a central communication place across your organization, Landray is here to help you get real-time answers without interrupting your workflow.

Say goodbye to slow, messy file transfer sites and accidentally crashing inboxes with insufficient space. With internal messaging, you’ll keep all your conversations, files and feedback in one place.

  • Put your team all on the same page
  • Keep your work conversations only in workplace
  • Communicate concisely, clearly and often
Smart Notifications

No more hunting through your whole working system to find what to do today. Smart notification can automatically make up your daily to-do list. You’ll find reminder across things like application approval, kick-off meetings, and more are organized in the right place.

  • A unified notification display portal, converging all notifications in one page
  • Filters, alerts, flags, icons to improve clarity
  • Prioritize your important task intelligently
Personal Calendar Synchronization

Are you keeping your schedules in separate applications? Are you tired of checking schedule multiple times in different apps just in case of missing it? You need one time management application to run all your schedule, stop living in separated and visualize your schedule at a glance.

  • Schedule synchronized and management in one place
  • Different color code to indicate event category and importance